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Anger Management for Teens

"Empowering Our Youth: Mastering Anger, Building Bonds"

  • 45 min
  • 60 US dollars
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

Are you a parent or guardian concerned about your teen's anger? Do you want to help your adolescent develop healthy coping mechanisms for managing anger and frustration? Fatherhood Mastery presents "Anger Management for Teens" a comprehensive and interactive program designed to equip young individuals with the tools they need to manage their emotions effectively. Program Objectives: 1. Understanding Anger: Participants will gain insight into the nature of anger, its triggers, and how it affects their mental and physical well-being. 2. Identifying Triggers: Youth will learn to recognize their individual anger triggers and understand why certain situations provoke intense emotional responses. 3. Recognizing Warning Signs: Participants will be educated on the physical and emotional warning signs that precede an anger outburst, empowering them to take proactive measures. 4. Self-Regulation Techniques: The workshop will introduce a range of practical self-regulation techniques, including breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and positive self-talk, to help participants manage their anger effectively. 5. Effective Communication: Youth will learn how to express their feelings and concerns constructively, promoting healthier communication with peers, parents, and other significant figures in their lives. 6. Conflict Resolution: The workshop will explore strategies for resolving conflicts peacefully and assertively, reducing the likelihood of anger-driven confrontations. 7. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Participants will be encouraged to develop empathy and emotional intelligence, helping them understand their emotions and those of others. 8. Building Resilience: Youth will learn to bounce back from challenging situations and setbacks, fostering resilience in the face of stressors that may trigger anger. 9. Positive Coping Mechanisms: Participants will explore alternative ways of channeling their emotions, such as engaging in hobbies, sports, or creative activities. 10. Developing Healthy Habits: The workshop will emphasize the importance of sleep, nutrition, and physical activity in maintaining emotional well-being. Program Format: The "Anger Management for Teens" program is interactive and engaging, combining presentations, one-on-one discussion, role-playing exercises, and hands-on activities.

Contact Details

+1 (407) 807-8251

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