Answer The Call

Who Will Answer The Call?

Calling all men! Who will answer the call? Let's start off this segment by first asking ourselves two questions: “What is manhood?” and “What are the things in life that make a man a real man?” We're living in a world today where the answers to these questions are very different now than what they may have been 80 years ago. With multiple factors around us contributing to how we value, perceive, and define what a man is, it can be hard to know what is true.

Culture and History

The idea of what a man is or should be has been influenced and inspired by culture and history. Historically, what defined a man was his ability to provide and protect the woman and the family. In our society today, some women may argue that they don't need a man to protect them. Women now carry guns, tasers, and pepper spray to defend themselves. More than 60 years ago, the male used to be the sole provider of the household. In some households today, the woman is the breadwinner making more money than the man. If you are a man that held these historical roles as your definition for being a man, in today's society you would be very confused.

What about today's culture, how does it define a man? Our culture in the last 30-50 years has really given birth to some terrible misconceptions of what it means to be a man. I can recall growing up in Brooklyn NY as a kid in the 90s to early 2000s, and remembering all the music videos of rappers wearing shiny gold and diamond necklaces, driving fancy cars, parading around with lots of women and bottles of champagne, and thinking to myself, “Now that's the life right there! I wish I could be like that. That dude is the man!” I had no clue what a real man was. I was the result of a fatherless home, so for me, the only examples at times I had of what a man was supposed to be were what I saw on TV or outside in the schoolyard where I played basketball every day. There was not really a man in my home to show me what a man should or should not be.

It seems like nothing has really changed since I was a kid in the way our culture has continued to portray what it means to be a man in the family, community, and our society today. Our young men are growing up glorifying men who identify themselves as gangsters and thugs. Our youth find identity in male rappers that degrade and subject women in their music and on music videos. They influence our young men to sell and use drugs and commit crimes against each other in our very own communities, and then they call themselves real men. All these misconceptions these guys have of what it means to be a real man. They are suffering from false identities all because they most likely didn't have a responsible man in their life when they were growing up as a child. They just mirror what they have seen and know from the experiences they have had, and so the cycle of misleading men continues. This is why our prisons are so full, resulting in the manufacturing increase of prisons, an industry that will continue to grow if we do not begin to have real men lead our troubled men.

Roles of a Real Man

I have been fortunate and blessed really, to have met and been around some awesome examples of real men thus far in my walk and growth as a man. One man in particular that I must mention is my mentor, the late Dr. Myles Munroe. If it was not for his teachings on the Kingdom of God, Leadership, Vision, Purpose, and Character, I would not be the man that I am today. His book titled, Understanding The Purpose and Power of Men: God's Design for Male Identity introduced the knowledge and shaped my understanding of what a true man should be. In his book, he explains the purpose of the man based on the Manufacturer's original intent for the male and the six roles that the Creator intended for the male to have and dominate in. It was always in God's plan for the male to have the role of the: Visionary, Leader, Teacher, Cultivator, Provider, and Protector.

As a visionary, the man is supposed to have a plan for himself and those he is responsible for. As the leader, the man is responsible for leading and guiding everyone to the destination seen in the vision. Inherent in every man is the ability to teach. The man was created to be the teacher. This is why he has problems anytime anyone, especially a woman, tries to tell him what to do. As a cultivator, the man is supposed to make everything that he is an overseer of better. If you are a married man with a wife and kids, your role as a cultivator is to bring out the best in your wife and children.

Because of the historical roles of a man as a provider and protector, most men believe they understand these roles. As a provider, the man is responsible for not just making sure there is food on the table, clothes on the children's backs, and a roof over their heads. The role of provider means that he anticipates what his family needs before they themselves know they need it. Last but certainly not least, there is the man as protector. Your responsibility as a man here means that you protect your family from physical and mental harm. If you are a man with children, you’re responsible for what your child sees and hears in your home. You can determine what your family is exposed to.

God knew what he was doing when He created man. When God created man in His image and likeness (see Genesis 1:27), He knew He had to give man these inherent abilities because they were first in Himself. These principles are the foundation of manhood and God has made it inherent in every man's true identity. Make the decision to answer the call so that you can begin to live in your true identity and carry out the purpose that was destined for you.

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