A Tool For Early Learning

I don't know about you, but I am sure we can all agree that this global pandemic caused major changes regarding how we do life, right!? All of a sudden, we found ourselves quarantined in our homes 24/7 with those who we loved and possibly those who we could not stand. For many, this was certainly an adjustment. For my kids, my 7, 5, and 3 year old, the hardest thing was not being able to go to the park to play with friends. As much as we wanted to minimize the screen time for the kids, when you have one parent working from home and the other parent juggling 4 kids, the result is inevitable. So if they're going to have screen time more than usual, I would much rather it be on something they could benefit from. is an early learning program for children ages 2-8 that can be accessed via smartphone or tablet by downloading the app on the App store or Google Play store for Android, or online via desktop/laptop computer. My kids mainly use it on their tablets but I also keep the app on my iPhone as well for just in case moments. What's great about the ABCMouse platform is the amount of learning material it offers to children from toddler age to 2nd grade. There are 7 key sections in the app: Learning Path, Classroom, About Me, Reading Games, Math Games, What's New, and Things to Do.

  • “Learning Path” - provides your child with a list of activities picked out by the program based on the child's age. Depending on the age these activities could be tracing, puzzles, coloring, reading, or math-related activities.

  • Classroom - this is a digital classroom that replicates a real-looking classroom with an interactive teacher. All of the items presented in the classroom are clickable and are links to actual activities. Within this classroom, kids have access to reading, math, art, songs, puzzles, games, and many more like interactive books that they can read or that will read to them. So if your children can't read yet, this feature is helpful.

  • About Me - this section takes kids to their avatar where they can change what the Avatar looks like by using the tickets they earn for completing tasks. My kids can spend countless hours here buying clothes, shoes, and other accessories to create their avatar to look as close to them as possible and they enjoy dressing it up with the many different outfits the platform has.

  • Reading Games and Math Games - these areas on the platform provide games to help your children practice reading, writing, and math skills. (Please note that these features are not accessible under the toddler grade level)

  • What’s New - is an area that lets the newest games and activities that has recently rolled out with for your kids to play.

  • Things to Do - is an area that reroutes kids back to some of the other activities that they can find in the previous areas.

The platform also has access to printouts for those moments when you want to get your kids off of the screens and working on their writing abilities. For me and my family, has proven to be an asset for us. When it comes to early learning, it takes the pressure off of having to find resources to help teach my kids the fundamentals that they need prior to starting school. If you are looking for an interactive resource to help with early learning for your children, is it! Try it out free for 30 days by clicking on the following link below or by clicking here and see for yourself if is right for you and your kids!

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