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"Empowering Fathers, Building Leaders - Transforming Communities."

Fatherhood Mastery

Fathers are needed! Research shows that fathers are crucial to the intellectual, emotional, and social development of children (Wackerman 1996), and it is essential to reduce the “fathering” void as research shows fatherlessness does harm in the lives of adolescents (Rodney & Mupier 1999). Another major component of father absenteeism is incarceration. In most prisons, black and brown skin prisoners outnumber every other ethnicity. This is a problem that must be fixed.


Fatherhood Mastery, LLC was created to help change the way fathers are culturally and socially perceived, and to help support fathers who feel that they have been forgotten. Not all fathers are absent. We are here to support the men who view themselves as incapable of providing, nurturing, and protecting their children, families, and communities. There are many dads out there giving their best effort and going above and beyond for the ones they love. Fatherhood Mastery is here to encourage you!


Fatherhood Mastery, LLC wants to support fathers in three ways: by providing encouraging and inspiring apparel; by bringing more awareness by connecting dads to evidence-based research surrounding fatherhood; and by offering parenting education and leadership training resources to help dads become better fathers and leaders for their families and communities. Be on the lookout as we implement these things in the months to come!

Father and Son
Father and Son


To help you master the father in you by providing a network of program resources that involve evidence-based research, parent educational tools, and spiritual truths to help support and encourage you in your fatherhood journey.


To help you understand your purpose and position as a father and leader in your family, and how your presence and/or absence impacts your community and society overall.


To help you discover and understand your God-given identity and purpose, and become a better leader for your families and communities.

Three Generations
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