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The strange call from my coach

I have been privileged to work with coaches & mentors in different areas of my life where I need help. That blessing of having a coach became pronounced yesterday when one of them called me.. here is the conversation in summary. Lol 
Coach : Hey Madam, how have you been ?
Me: Fine I replied.. 
Coach : Well done on all you are doing with this marriage thing.. I can see you are on fire.. lol.. 
Me : Coach. .. wow ! That's my next product you just called.. 
Coach: On fire? Me: Something like that!! Lol 
Coach : So I saw your 21 days complete woman challenge for ladies, so why are you offering it as pay as you want? Why waste your energy and give your best by giving people offers they are not interested in.. I have told you countless times, you are a premium brand.. you have put in the work and has results so why short change yourself.. huh??? 
Me : Kai.. within me.. see me see trouble.. I managed to say I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn.. women need help... 
Coach : My dear, do you see your coaching as a business or you see it as a passion? I know you are not hungry but please understand that if this is a business that you want to play in, know that passion must bring profit.. so you must position yourself well. Not everyone is your client.. I know what you have paid to train yourself so please if this is a business, get serious.... Domestic Goddess Relationship & Marriage coach.. lol 
Me : Laughing nervously... So what are you saying I should do.. I managed to say..feeling like a child that has been caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar.. Coach : What did you say the value of the complete woman challenge is worth? $500 dollars.. what are you offering? 
Me:  1. I will will be helping women discover themselves
       2. Help them to understand the 4 seasons of a woman's life and how to be in charge of each        
       3. I will be helping them to know how to place priority on what matters to them as women, wives            and mothers.
       4. I will also teach on self management, family finance & spiritual nourishment.. 
       5. I will also be talking to them about ways to bond with the special people in their lives through 
           shared passion and food..plus i will share my journey as a woman, wife, mother, minister and 
       6. I will be giving the 21 days challenge ebook as well. Coach : The program is loaded.. and what 
          are you offering for it again? Pay as you want.. .. hmm. OK dear, I know you are kind and love 
          giving but know that as a coach not everyone need your help .. those that want to learn from 
          you will value what you have to offer.. I saw you had a birthday offer and gave discounted 
          price for your trainings. . So is it still your birthday again?
  Me : No... within me, its my daughter's birthday in a few days.. lol
 Coach: OK. . Here is what I want you to do.. Say after me.. no more pay as you want offer or freebies for my trainings for now..
Me : I repeated it like a robot.. so what do I do coach? .. I have already said it's a pay as you want offer and 2 people paid with one offering to pay later. Coach : Good luck to the proactive ones.. for the procrastinating ones.. Change it and let them pay 5% of what this is worth .. if it's only 5 people you get in class or 1..then teach that person.. not everyone deserves your time... I mean this.. don't sell your products / trainings cheap.. meanwhile get those that don't have time to do whatsapp classes but want to connect with you personally to pay $100 for 5 hours of your time. . Make this an exclusive meeting and make sure it's for a small group of not more than 12 people. . Pick a good venue & give them an experience..
 Me : hmm.. I am liking this but..
 Coach: No but.. so let everyone know it's no longer a pay as you want offer because your coach says so..
 Me: OK Coach.. So by serious reprogramming the 21 days complete woman challenge has the offer of $25 slammed on it.. truly it's not for everyone. . If you are interested in the first category on whatsapp or the second to connect personally. .
Pay the equivalent of 25 dollars which is N9,750 for 21 days or 100 dollars which is N39, 000 for the exclusive meeting.. Here are my details
Account name - Bridget Elesin
Account no - 3112610392
First bank.
Send proof of payment to bridgetelesin@gmail.com or 08056780243 with your what's app number so you can be added to the whatsapp class or given the day, time and venue for the exclusive class.
This is free business sense knowledge from my coach.. and I am learning that when " Princesses don't follow directions, they can't inherit the palaces that their father the King has waiting for them" - Sarah Jakes. See you in class. @BridgetElesin
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