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The Family as A Unit

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live- Pope John Paul II
Th quote above is truth that I can't ignore as i have watched people complain about the government and everything happening in the world but we forget to understand that every leader we see and everyone leading out there comes from a family.
Today my question is how is your family? What values do you hold true in your home? Will your neighbours protest against your family or be happy that your family is a good one to live near or with?
Father ; are you taking the lead to be an example in words and deeds. Will your wife and children say you are a good head of the family ? Will they say you keep to your words? Are you the lion of the tribe of your home and no one matters ? Is your word the final and only say in issues regarding your family? Do your family know what you earn and how it's spent? Do you spend more for outsiders and neglect the needs of your family? Are you available for your family or always on the move pursuing shadows? Will your family protest against your leadership if given the chance or they will celebrate you for being a caring father that live by values he lives and they can pass on to the next generation?
Mother; are you supporting your head? Do you allow him lead or you usurp his authority. Are you helping your husband to take charge or you help to make excuses for his not being responsible? Do you tolerate his excesses because you are afraid he will shout you down or turn you to a punching bag?
Are you adding to your husband's financial burden by adding extra cost to everything you buy and telling him things are so expensive in the market yet you use the extra money you make from your husband to buy asoebi and other personal stuff? Are you fond of leaving your home unkempt and only clean up when you know your husband will be home? Can you be called a good manager of the resources in your care? Will you be celebrated as a good steward, submissive wife, caring mother and mentor worth emulating by your children or your children will protest against you as well if given the opportunity?
Children? Are you living the entitled life and expect everyone to serve you because your parents care and don't want you to suffer what they suffered? Are you useful to yourself and family? Are you helping to bear the burden of your parents by ensuring you play your part in making your home worth living in ? Do you engage in activities that bring shame to your family name despite all the care you get at home? Are you obedient to parents and seen as a goodly child and worth celebrating or will your parents protest that you are not the child they brought up?
In laws, relatives, neighbours how are you adding to the challenges of the family? Are you spectators waiting for them to fail or true friends trusting and encouraging them to do right and make their home better?
As we ponder on these questions, let's know that we all make up what we see in our world. Do we keep living life being selfish or live to be blessings to our world?
We all must choose to build our world by our actions... let's do right, think right and live right. No one will change how things work around us if we don't be the change we want to see. Our leaders are failing us because we all have failed to be accountable to one another. Real families hold each other accountable.. its time to check inwards before we point fingers outside. If we can get our families running right then be sure when the opportunity comes to represent your family on a bigger platform.. your representative will represent well....
It's time to build our families so we all build the nation, so help us God. @BridgetElesin

Note - I am in support of holding the current APC led government in Nigeria accountable. If they can't improve our situation, please they shouldn't add more pain. Families are going through the toughest time of their lives and deserves the change that was promised. So I join my voice to millions of Nigerians to demand good governance and better life for all.
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