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Men have a particular need for Respect. The Bible tell husbands that they "must" love their wives as they do themselves. But then also it adds that wives "should" have deep respect for their husbands (Eph 5:33). But while both wives and husbands need to feel love and respected, husbands especially thrive on Respect.
Men need to feel they can handle situations, solve problems and take care of family. When a wife respects her husband for such capabilities, she benefits not only him but herself. Love and Respect are reciprocal.
Wives need Respect too, which makes sense because a husband cannot truly love a wife whom he does not respect. Husbands need to respect their wives opinion and suggestions, they need to respect their emotions. Not withstanding, why she feels a certain way does not mean you should dismiss how she feels.
The issue is not whether you think you show respect, but whether your mate feels respected.
When my wife spends a lot of time doing housework, and sometimes preparing a meal just after returning home from work, I respect her effort by sometimes picking up after myself, or washing my own dishes and also making the bed (well, some mornings, lol). It shows that her efforts are worthwhile and she is important in our home.
Good husbands make great fathers. It takes a man who loves and respects his wife to raise credible sons who will "in turn" make a better society.
Fathers must be the change we seek!

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Born and raised in Jos plateau State, Doubra Anselm Ewarewah holds a B.sc in Electrical engineering from ATBU Bauchi , but has since traded his "tools for spoons" as his culinary passion holds center stage. With a wild imagination and recent  flare for the pen, he has found paper to be a catalyst that brings both to life. He is happily Married and Lives in Delta State Nigeria
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