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On my way back from church and my son was in a mood, some days I get ticked off wondering what is wrong with him.. I left him alone and went about getting lunch ready. I noticed his dad trying to talk with him and they ended up in the sitting room and all of a sudden they started wrestling.. They wrestled for some minutes.. I could hear my son talking with his dad and they finally came to the dinning table. I noticed his mood was better and in my head I wondered what the wrestling with his dad had to do with his mood. . Plenty if I may say.. every boy wants a father that is available to be there for him, a father that will help him master his emotions, help him through life stages but sadly most men never had the opportunity of having their father be there for them.. even when they are present, the relationship is not there as their fathers too were not mentored, so they don't know what to do with their sons.. The circle repeats itself and men are left lonely and doing life alone without guidance. My passion to coach and mentor men came as a result of noticing the pain men feel from not having their fathers mentor them. I have seen a lot of grown men going through life but still behaving like toddlers needing guidance and in my years of research, I have found out every man wants a father to be there to help them master life, so they can help their sons master life and break the circle of the fatherless generation challenge.

 Philip in John 14:8 asked Jesus Christ to show them the father and it will be sufficient for them.. that same appeal is in the heart of every boy.. show me my father. A father that will be there to hold me and help me through every stage of my life.. A father that will be there to show me what authentic manhood is. A father that will teach me how to be healthy emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially and be real with me. Every man wants a father that will not put him down and broke his spirit. .. Most biological father can not do this because they were never fathered but I know a father that can be your father and help you be a better father.. like Phillip in John 14:8, ask Jesus Christ to show you the father, ask Him to help you know the father of fathers that will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what. . Today you have the opportunity to know the love of a father.. All you need do is, sit down, evaluate your relationship with your earthly father, learn to forgive him and the way you think he failed you and entrust your all to our dear father in heaven that will never leave nor forsake you. It's a new day to know who a true father is.. its a new day to let go of the pain and be whole as you trust our heavenly father to make things right in your life. I pray for you today that God will help you to know that He is a father that can heal every hurt and pain in your heart plus help you be a father just like Him.

 Note - I am Bridget Elesin and I am passionate about helping men master fatherhood. I coach men to become better men, husbands and fathers. If you have a fatherhood story to share or you need help with mastering fatherhood.
Kindly send me a mail - bridgetelesin@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @BridgetElesin
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