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Dear sons , for you all to be #BetterMen, #Betterhusbands and #BetterFathers, You must LEARN and CONNECT
L - love God and learn from the father of Fathers who is God our maker and creator. Learn to be a loving and supportive man, husband plus father. Learn to lead as a servant leader. Be open to learning from others especially other men with Godly values. 
E - Encourage yourself to be more... get better in being all that God has created you to be. 
A- Activate your faith and take actions to improve yourself every day and in every way.
R - Remember , you are not your past, your father or any wrong male influence around you. Find your own unique path and be the best of you. 
N- Network with those that will encourage you to be all God has created you to be. Make meaningful and beneficial connections that will help you make constant progress as a man, husband and father. 
C - Confess what you want to see your life become. If you want to become a better man, look for words in God's word and create daily affirmation to help you speak what you want to see into reality. O - Order your day, your week, your month by deliberately creating a schedule of what you need to do daily, weekly , monthly. Your daily routine of meditation, exercise, healthy eating , self development etc will help create the life you want.
N - Nurture the gift you have. Nurture every aspect of you that will make you better in every way.. nurture your listening skills, nurture all that will make you a better man, husband and father. 
N - No more l for not living right and being the man, husband and father you desire to be. Quit the excuses and be ready to learn from your failures, to make progress. Remember failure is part of life as every failure, there is a lesson to help you make progress. 
E - Ensure you evolve - don't remain the same. Keep improving your life in every way, write out a growth plan for yourself. Read books, get mentors.. connect with peers that want to be better men, husbands and fathers. 
C- Communicate and commune with others intentionally. To be all you have been created to be, you must learn to open your mouth & speak what you want, if you need help, you must say it out for others to help you. You must also learn that relationships are key to your success in life and so learn effective communication skills. 
T- Think positively, think long term and think your way through life.. ask yourself critical questions that will move you forward in every way. Remember as you think, so you become..
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