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A Cry for help

I got a message and it reads,
"I don't know how to be a responsible man, husband and father. I love my family but every time I feel I am not doing enough, I get overwhelmed with being responsible for everyone. My wife is a strong woman and I have practically left everything for her to do including caring for the home financially and the children. I see myself practically living the life of my father which I had told myself I don't want to live. Help me!!! Frank C.
I commend you Mr Frank.C for reaching out as I have noticed from my years of working with men that most are not used to asking for help.First of all, I don't have the full details of your relationship with your father but I see that he is someone you don't want to be like. So you have to know that your father does not define you. Know that you are not your father, even if he made mistakes that has left a wound in you, let go of the thoughts and pains of the past. 

Have a desire to be the person God has called you to be. Trust God to help you be the man, husband and father He has called you to be. Remember, you are not superman, it's okay to be overwhelmed and even fail sometimes in your duties but don't stay in the position of failure. Don't see yourself as irresponsible but see yourself as responsible.
You must know that every man has potential to be responsible. To fulfill your role as a man, husband and father, you need to start with small wins by doing this;

1. Learn to communicate with your wife. She is your help suitable, don't shut down on her, appreciate her for her help always and be supportive in every way you can. Be open with your finance, plan together and do life together

2. Do your best to be there for your children, help in every way you can and let them know daddy is there for them. Love is spelt as time to a child, so create memories that will make them know their father loves them unconditionally.

3. Know that your thoughts are powerful, keep thinking you can be the best man, husband and father . Take daily actions that will help you achieve this no matter how small and above all, learn to trust your maker and heavenly father who knows how to father more than our earthly father , so He helps you become the responsible man, husband and father you desire you to be.

I am very sure you are a great man, husband and father despite being overwhelmed. Start seeing what you want to be... and I am sure all will be well. @BridgetElesin
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