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  1. Fathers , value your health as wealth without health is death. Rest, exercise and a balance diet will ensure you stay fit and healthy. 
  2.  Ensure you have a great relationship with your children. Be a father that spends just 10 minutes of your time daily with your child. To a child, love is quality time spent together. So learn to play, use every opportunity to teach your children values that will stand the test of time. 
  3.  Ensure you have your priorities right... Every man must have a relationship with God, be able to spend time knowing himself in God, put family first, do business with integrity and have a healthy relationship with others besides family. 
  4. Learn to give yourself a treat. Your life should not revolve round work! Work! Work! Slow down, unwind and find time to do the things you love. This may be walking, painting, dancing or just taking yourself to a spa for a massage or just hanging out with friends for a drink and some me time with your friends. Earn a well deserved me time every month. 
  5.  Don't be a loner, learn to cultivate friendship with people that share your values in life and can make you a better person in every way. 6. Remaining your children's hero is a big deal. Be consistent in your character as a good man your son will be proud to grow up to become and a replica of the man your daughter will desire to marry. 7. In all you do, learn to balance being a man, husband and father. When this balance is achieved, you will see yourself enjoying a better life in every way.
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